Competition Registration Information



Registering competition entries with Talent On Parade is done via the DanceComp Genie registration system. Please contact us if we can provide assistance in any way. Our email address is, or you can call us during normal business hours at (316) 522-4836. There is also a “chat” feature which can be accessed as you process your entries.

  Please note the following items prior to entering acts.
Then click on the registration link below to begin.  

  1. Deadline for paid-in-full entries is 21 days prior to the first day of competition, OR 45 days if you are applying for the rebate (click here for more info on the studio rebate program).
  2. If you received a scholarship for any of the dancers you will register you’ll need to email us to request credit on your invoice AFTER you have completed input of your entries (but before you make any payment). In your email to include the name of your studio, and the name of the student(s) you are requesting credit for. Include also the event location in which the scholarship was awarded, and the song title the act was entered under. We will then confirm the scholarship(s) and apply the appropriate credit. Please be aware that TOP scholarships are non-transferable for any reason. Only those exact dancers who were awarded the scholarship as were listed in the event program are eligible to redeem it.
  3. When you create your studio roster you will be asked to assign a level to each individual dancer. The system will then assign leveling for each act as follows: Each dancer in an act is assigned a point value based on the level you assigned to that dancer in your studio roster. Novice = 1 point, Intermediate = 2 points, Competitive = 3 points. The level with the highest total points is established for that act. Any ties in the sum of points defaults to the higher level. If you “choose” a level for the act that is different from the system default, a message box will appear indicating the automatic change. Manual level overrides are possible but only by request. Level overrides are only considered for moving an act up a level, never down. To request a higher level for any of your acts you must email PRIOR to the show deadline for which you are registering.
    Important Information About Dancer Level Changes
    DANCER LEVEL CHANGES MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO ENTERING ACTS FOR THE NEW SEASON. Your first order of business for the new season should be a full review of your performer roster. Your ability to make level changes to your dancers is only possible prior to entering any act(s) for any show(s). Once you begin the entry process you must contact the TOP office to assist in level changes.
  4. The way you enter performer names will be the exact way those names will appear in the program. Preferred style is initial caps. For example: Jane Doe, Kathy Smith, etc. Please never use ALL CAPS, or all lowercase letters when entering performer names in your roster. Note: Song titles will default to all caps in the program regardless of how you enter them.
  5. Photos must be uploaded as part of creating an entry into the Photogenic Competition. Click HERE for instructions on how to enter Photogenic.
  6. Once you have successfully entered and paid for your acts you’re still not finished until you upload your performance music. Return to your Dance Comp Genie dashboard and click on the “Upload Music” button to begin.