Let’s Celebrate!

By Kimberly McCluer, January 1st, 2015


Let’s Celebrate!…

It’s officially 2015! The fireworks have been shot and we are heading full pointe into a new dance season. Let’s celebrate the competition season to come and reflect on what will make it a wonderful 2015 for all!

Let’s celebrate all dancers, dancers from other studios and other cities. Let’s celebrate all styles of dance! Let’s celebrate shared dressing room space and reserved seats for Teachers ONLY.

Let’s celebrate with applause for your dancers and others. Let’s celebrate just like we do at college football games for those unknown leotard wearing players. Let’s applaud and cheer for our kids in the same manner. Let’s celebrate by rhinestoning our dance dads painted faces and bodies….just kidding!

Let’s celebrate why we are at competition, for fun, for friendships, to learn, to grow, to swim after the event, to eat out, to text and post FB pictures of our successes. Let’s celebrate the failures too, without failures your dancer will not grow, improve, and set goals.
Let’s celebrate rules, rules that allow us to protect, perform, schedule, organize, dance, perform, shine, improve, share, achieve!
Let’s celebrate the importance of awards and the lack of importance of the size of the awards. Celebrate not only a win, but an improvement, a compliment, a smile, a completion, a mastery, a skill. Celebrate with others and for others, not just with and for ourselves.
Celebrate that all dancers are important. Celebrate the achievement of moving up from Beginner to Intermediate and then on to Competitive. Celebrate the ladder that we climb to get to these goals and that at 10th on the highest ladder might be equal or greater than 1st at the lowest.
Celebrate the ability to give to others. Celebrate a donation to a charity, the learning of a quick dance, the awe of not being cut from the audition process and the excitement for someone else that succeeds beyond us.
Celebrate the warmth of the venue on a frigid February morning as we arrive on time, not before the doors are to be open. Celebrate the clean facility and celebrate the use of trash cans in your seating areas and dressing space.
Celebrate your studio teachers dedication to your child. Yes, they are paid for the classes, but I do not know one teacher truly paid their value for the long competition weekends. Celebrate that they love your child.
Celebrate the staff that knows your childs name, who smiles when they are backstage. Celebrate the reunion that happens every year when you reunite with your TOP family.
Celebrate opportunities, criticism, shining eyes, the final bow, a tear, a giggle, a medal worn with pajamas, bff’s, the other moms, the other dancers!
Celebrate the 2015 dance year to come and the memories that it will bring!