BE YOU! By Kimberly McCluer, December 31st, 2017

Today is officially the last day of 2017! As dancers, dance teachers, dance parents, and dance business owners did you make the most of 2017? What are your dance goals for 2018?

I have a few to consider…

Be YOU… what you do best…..if you are a dancer and contemporary isn’t your thing, do YOU! Dance music theater, tap, shake a pon pom. All of it makes up the great big dance world. Don’t get discouraged or think that only certain styles matter. Dowhat you do with passion, energy, personality and dedication and YOU will not be disappointed in the end results. But, don’t forget to practice. Success in any style comes with rehearsal, dedication and mostly hard work. Only YOU can make that happen!


Be YOU…dance teachers….don’t copy to fit in. Put your own style out there, take your visions and put them on the dance floor. Your goal should never win the biggest trophy. Do you know the most successful dancers in major dance markets were not the overall champions? Teach passion, movement from within, energy, expression, styles, and lots of styles. Take a challenge, choreography without tricks, step out of your comfort zone, teach like you are still the 13 year old in your bedroom, dancing to your favorite song.


Dance Parents: Let your dancer find his or her own way…..Your little dancers are unique individuals. As much as you might want that overall championship for your child, or them to be a Prima Ballerina, or for them to make it in Hollywood as a dancer, these goals have to come from them, and from them at the right time! You can encourage, provide, protect, advise but you cannot make YOUR dreams their dreams. Don’t burn them out, don’t push too hard, let them be kids. Dance for a child should be fun first. Don’t make it a job. Sometimes as adults we hate our jobs… don’t turn a wonderful fun hobby into something more too soon. Let them be your guide, it will fall into place. Dancers that succeed in making it in the dance world push themselves the most with wonderful parents as guides!


Be YOU dance business owners……Maybe because my husband did not come from the dance world he often gives the moststraight forward advice. One thing he tells me repeatedly is, “Just keep doing what we are doing, those that like us will return
and those that find too much fault will seek another place.” That is pretty simple straight forward advice, but is really true for any business. In the movie “The Greatest Showman” (you should go see it now if you have not seen it) there is a line that struck home with me, “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” This is an amazing quote to live by. Don’t let the other dance studios rattle you, be YOU. But, YOU must remember you will not be a perfect fit for everyone ever. I know studios big and small across the country and I can find positive in pretty much every studio I see, positive for someone that is. Let’s accept this as a business owner, take correction if needed, and make changes where you can and where you want. Develop what you do best, welcome and love those who are there. It happens to us too as a competition, there are always those looking to tear you down, or copy you. You are not me and I am not you and that is OK! “You don’t need the whole world to love you, just a few good people”……again from “The Greatest Showman.” Confidence studio owners, your studio IS YOU, and that is amazing!

Make 2018 YOUR dance year! Embrace what YOU bring to this big, but small dance world! There is a place for all of us!
Happy 2018! Let’s dance together!