Awards Order Form Regional

2021 Regional Awards Order Form

If you want to order more than 10 of any item(s) below, or if you don\’t find the item(s) listed that you want to order, DO NOT submit this form. Instead, contact the TOP office during normal business hours at (316) 522-4836.

Example: The total price of an order that includes 1 jacket pin and 1 adjudicated trophy would be $36 ($5 pin + $25 trophy + $6 shipping = $36). Shipping fee is per ORDER, not per ITEM.

I approve Talent On Parade, LLC to charge my card the amount shown in the Grand Total box above upon my submission of this form. I also agree to release and hereby indemnify Talent On Parade, LLC and their agents from any and all contracts,
claims, suits, actions, liabilities, and/or injuries arising as a result of submitting this form.

Typing your name into this form, and then submitting this form to Talent on Parade, LLC. via, is for all intents and purposes, to be considered a valid and legally binding signature.
Please note we cannot ship to PO Boxes.