2022 Louisville Regional

Event Information



The schedule for the 2022 Louisville Regional competition is now complete. Competition is scheduled for Friday-Sunday, February 18-20 in Exhibition Hall D of the Kentucky International Convention Center located at 221 S. 4th Street downtown Louisville. Performance times for all studios have been emailed to studio directors, and a general schedule appears below. If you’ve not received your schedule confirmation, please check your email “spam” folder before you contact us.

Your ability to make any changes or corrections to your acts is now limited. If, however, you discover an issue that requires attention you can email us at office@talentonparade.com to check your options. Please include in your email your studio name, the show location you are attending, and as much detail as possible for the act(s) you are inquiring about (song title, dancer name if soloist, etc.).

Even though we have provided to-the-minute information in your schedule confirmation you should still use it as a general guideline only. All acts should also be ready, and willing, to perform up to one hour earlier or later than scheduled as it is not unusual for the show to run a little early or, on rare occasions, a little late.

If you’ve not already uploaded your music, you must do so immediately. Uploading your performance music is required. Log in to your DanceComp Genie dashboard, look for the “Upload Music Title” button, then attach each music file where indicated. Once your music is uploaded, we strongly recommend that you listen to each file to confirm that you have uploaded what you intended to. Be advised, however, that uploaded files can only be listened to from a PC (not a MAC) that is running the Chrome browser. We cannot be responsible for music uploaded incorrectly and, in fairness, we cannot allow an act to re-compete because of an incorrect music upload. We also strongly recommend that you have with you at the show a flash/thumb drive containing all your music files that we can use as a backup if necessary. Contact us with any questions or issues and we’ll be happy to assist.

Entry for these special awards should have been processed during your act entry period and will not be accepted at the door. If you still need to enter for TOP Entertainer or Photogenic you must email us at office@talentonparade.com prior to 5:00 pm (CST) Tuesday, Feb. 8 with entry details. We will then contact you to make payment arrangements.

Students who donate $5 or more to our sponsored charities at the show will receive a special ticket that will allow them to participate. These students will learn a quick combination on stage and then dance down to a winner. The winner will receive a special plaque and a pair of TOMS Shoes. All of the money collected will be split between Drea’s Dream, a dance therapy/expressive movement program for children with cancer and special needs (dreasdream.org), and Jojo Siwa’s Childhood Cancer Foundation. Proceeds donated to the Siwa Foundation will be used to fund childhood cancer research and will provide direct financial support for families dealing with childhood cancer (jojosiwafoundation.org). Check the general schedule below for Charity Dance Down time(s).

Photography and video recording will only be allowed during awards presentations. This rule will be strictly enforced and has been established to protect the rights of studio owners, directors, teachers, choreographers, and costume designers. We also want to prevent unauthorized photos from being used elsewhere in a questionable manner. Professional performance photos and videos will be available from Alive Video and Photo for those who may be interested. Just make sure selections are made and orders are placed at the show as photo and video images will NOT be available to view or purchase after the show online.

Video critiques and digital scores will be available for you to view in the week following the show by logging in to your DanceComp Genie account dashboard.

The venue has “requested” masks be worn in their commons areas, but they are not mandated, nor will mask wearing be enforced. You are free, however, to take whatever personal precautions you are comfortable with in the way of masking up and/or social distancing. The venue is very large and there should be plenty of room to spread out.

Friday, February 18

2:00 pm………….. Doors Open
2:45 pm………….. Ages 9-12 Solo Competition
9:45 pm………….. Ages 9-12 Solo AWARDS

Saturday, February 19

7:30 am………….. Doors Open
8:15 am………….. 8 & Younger Solo Competition
10:20 am………… 12 & Younger Duet/Trio Competition
11:45 am………… AWARDS For Above
12:40 pm………… 12 & Younger Large Groups/Lines/Productions
3:25 pm………….. 12 & Younger TOP Charity Dance Down
3:40 pm………….. 12 & Younger Large Group/Line/Prod. AWARDS
4:15 pm………….. 12 & Younger Small Group Competition
6:30 pm………….. 12 & Younger Small Group AWARDS
7:15 pm………….. 17 & Older Solo Competition
9:00 pm………….. 17 & Older Solo AWARDS

Sunday, February 20
7:30 am………….. Doors Open

8:10 am………….. 13 & Older Group Competition
12:20 pm………… 13 & Older TOP Charity Dance Down
12:45 pm………… 13 & Older Group AWARDS
1:30 pm………….. 13 & Older Duet/Trio Competition
2:20 pm………….. Ages 15-16 Solo Competition
5:00 pm………….. AWARDS For Above
5:40 pm………….. Ages 13-14 Solo Competition
8:15 pm………….. Ages 13-14 Solo AWARDS

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