2022 Holiday Schedule Page

Holiday Spectacular Schedule is Complete
The schedule for the 2022 edition of the TOP Holiday Dance Spectacular is now complete. Competition is scheduled for Friday-Sunday, December 2-4, at The Mansion Theatre,189 Expressway Lane in Branson, Missouri. Performance times for all studios have been emailed to studio directors, and a general schedule appears below. If you’ve not received your schedule confirmation, please check your email “spam” folder before you contact us.

Friday Morning Start
The show is big enough this year that a Friday morning start is necessary. We have attempted to impact as few people as possible by scheduling only 10 & younger solos during traditional school hours. Those unable, or unwilling, to attend due to school obligations may receive a full refund of entry fees for those school-time acts, provided you email the scratch(es) by 5 pm (CST) Wednesday, November 16 to office@talentonparade.com. Do not contact the office to inquire about a time change for your act(s). Scratching those acts unable to attend as scheduled is your only option. If it were in any way possible to schedule everyone outside school hours, we would have done that originally.

Schedule Flexibility
Keep in mind as you review your times that even though we have provided “to-the-minute” information for the dance portion of the competition, it should still be used as a general guideline only. All competitors should be ready (and willing) to go on earlier or later than scheduled.

No Leveling at This Event
All competitors for this special event compete on the same level (we will, however, breakdown by age divisions per usual). IGNORE any and all information regarding levels in your schedule confirmation.

Photography and Videotaping Will Be Prohibited
Photography and videotaping will only be allowed during awards ceremonies. This rule will be strictly enforced and has been established to protect the rights of studio owners, teachers, choreographers, and costume designers. We also want to prevent unauthorized photos from being used elsewhere in a questionable manner. Professional performance photos and videos will be available from Alive Video and Photo for those who may be interested.

Performance Music Upload and Review
If you’ve not already uploaded your music, you must do so immediately. Uploading your performance music is required. Log in to your DanceComp Genie dashboard, look for the “Upload Music” button, then attach each music file where indicated. Once your music is uploaded, we strongly recommend that you listen to each file to confirm that you have uploaded what you intended to. Be advised, however, that uploaded files can only be listened to from a PC (not a MAC) that is running the Chrome browser. We cannot be responsible for music uploaded incorrectly and, in fairness, we cannot allow an act to re-compete because of an incorrect music upload. We also strongly recommend that you have with you at the show a flash/thumb drive containing all your music files that we can use as a backup if necessary. Contact us with any questions or issues and we’ll be happy to assist.

Critiques and Scores
Video critiques and digital scores will be available for you to view in the week following the show by logging in to your DanceComp Genie account dashboard.

Pageant Information
The suggested pattern for the modeling portion of the pageant is the standard “T”, not to last more than about 1 minute or so. The interview portion of the pageant will take place in the same modeling attire and consist of 1 age-appropriate question drawn at random from a hat on stage. A short follow up to that question may also be requested. Final pageant score will be weighted as follows: 50% talent, 25% modeling, 25% interview.

12 “Hours” Of Christmas
About once every hour or so we will pause to draw a raffle ticket on stage. The holder of the matching ticket will get to pick from a group of mystery gifts to take home. Raffle tickets will be free to all (one ticket per person per day please) and available at the merchandise area in the auditorium foyer.

Ugly Sweater Contest
Saturday evening we will host an ugly sweater contest for those who choose to participate (all ages welcome, including adults). No entry fee or pre-registration is required but prizes will be awarded.

Holiday Themed Charity Dance Down
We’ll fire up some festive holiday music and dance down to a winner. Participation requires a $5 donation at the TOP Shop, all of which will be donated to the Branson Food Bank. Open to dancers ages 19 and younger. Winners will receive a special holiday prize.

Branson Food Bank Donation Boxes
With your studio help we will also be donating non-perishable food items to the Branson Food Bank. We’re asking studios who would like to participate to decorate a studio box in a holiday theme, include your studio name on your box and fill it with food. We’ll also have a TOP holiday donation box available for those who prefer to bring in individual items. All boxes will be displayed throughout the weekend in the venue foyer before being donated on Monday following the show.

General Schedule
Friday, December 2

9:30 am………….. Doors Open
10:00 am………… 8 & Younger Solo Dance Competition
1:05 pm………….. 8 & Younger Solo Dance AWARDS
2:00 pm………….. Ages 9-10 Solo Dance Competition
6:30 pm………….. Ages 9-10 Solo Dance AWARDS
7:15 pm………….. Ages 9-12 Duet/Trio Competition
9:15 pm………….. Ages 9-12 Duet/Trio AWARDS

Saturday, December 3
7:20 am………….. Doors Open
7:50 am………….. Ages 11-12 Solo Dance Competition
12:20 pm………… Ages 11-12 Solo Dance AWARDS
1:00 pm………….. 8 & Younger Duet/Trio Competition
2:10 pm………….. All Ages Group Competition
4:15 pm………….. 8 & Younger Pageant Modeling and Interviews
5:45 pm………….. Ages 9-12 Pageant Modeling and Interviews
8:15 pm………….. Ugly Sweater Contest
8:35 pm………….. Studio Owner/Teacher Recognition
8:45 pm………….. All Ages Holiday Themed Dance Down
9:15 pm………….. AWARDS: 8 & Younger Duet/Trios, All Groups, 12 & Younger Pageant

Sunday, December 4
7:30 am………….. Doors Open
8:00 am………….. Ages 13-14 Solo Dance Competition
11:45 am………… 13 & Older Duet/Trio Competition
1:00 pm………… AWARDS: 13-14 Solos, and 13 & Older Duet/Trios
1:40 pm………….. 15 & Older Solo Dance Competition
4:50 pm………….. 15 & Older Solo Dance AWARDS
5:30 pm………….. 13 & Older Pageant Modeling and Interviews
6:50 pm………….. 13 & Older Pageant AWARDS