2022 Ft. Smith Regional

Event Information


Thank you for your interest in this regional event. Please keep in mind as you decide when to submit and pay for your entries that most of our events fill up, and many close out prior to the published deadlines! Also be aware that paid entries take priority. Entering unpaid acts does not “hold your place” in a show. You are strongly encouraged to submit payment in full at the time you enter your acts to secure your place.

This is the 45-day deadline by which rebate entries must be entered online and payment received. Additional restrictions apply. A bigger “pre-season” rebate is also available with a non-refundable deposit. Refer to the REBATE PAGE for more information.

This is the final 21-day deadline by which all entries must be submitted online and paid-in-full.

Each show is scheduled independently based on the number of acts and how those acts break down among solos, duet/trios and groups. There is no such thing as a “standard” schedule. It is therefore virtually impossible to even guess when any act or group of acts will perform prior to schedule posting. It is also generally very difficult to accommodate individual schedule requests given that multiple such requests almost always conflict with one another. Also, making assumptions about the schedule based on a prior year’s schedule is not recommended. A general schedule will be posted here immediately as it becomes available. Immediately thereafter a specific schedule with individual performance times for each act will be emailed to each studio.

Uploading your performance music is required and you are strongly encouraged to do so at the same time you enter your acts. Look for the “Upload Music” button on your DanceComp Genie dashboard. Click on that button, attach each of your music files where indicated and you will be good to go! Keep the following in mind as you upload: Acceptable file types are .mp3 and .m4a. We can no longer accept .wav files due to their larger size. If you are unfamiliar with audio file types seek the assistance of most any teenager. File names can include any information you want because the DanceComp Genie system will automatically re-name the files as needed during the upload process. You can also listen to what has been uploaded, but only on a PC (not Mac) running the Google Chrome browser. Note also that you can change out any music that has already been uploaded by uploading music for any specific act again. Every time you upload a new music file for an act it will automatically override any file that was previously uploaded for that act (but only up until the time file uploads have been “frozen” for the show you will be attending, which is typically a few days before the first day of the show). Email any questions or problems to office@talentonparade.com and we’ll be happy to help.

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