2021 Austin Regional

Event Information



The schedule for the 2021 Austin regional competition is now complete. Competition is scheduled for Thursday-Sunday, April 8-11 in the Grand Ballrooms of the Hilton Austin Convention Center located at 500 E. 4th Street downtown Austin. Performance times for all studios have been emailed to studio directors, and a general schedule appears below. If you’ve not received your schedule confirmation, please check your email “spam” folder before you contact us.

Your ability to make any changes or corrections to your acts is now limited. If, however, you discover an issue that requires attention you can email us at office@talentonparade.com to check your options.

The show is large enough this year that a Thursday afternoon start is necessary. We have attempted to impact as few people as possible by scheduling only solos and a few duet/trios during traditional school hours. Those unable, or unwilling, to attend due to school obligations may receive a full refund of entry fees for those school-time acts, provided you email the scratch(es) by 5 pm (CST) Tuesday, March 30 to office@talentonparade.com. Do not contact the office to inquire about a time change for your act(s). Scratching those acts unable to attend as scheduled is your only option. If it were in any way possible to schedule everyone outside school hours, we would have done that originally.

Solos and Duet/Trios have been scheduled in a close to “normal” fashion but in smaller blocks by age division (NOT by studio). A complete awards ceremony, including TOP 10 lineups, will follow each solo/duet/trio block. Group competition, however, has been scheduled by studio groups (see below). We have scheduled this way to keep the total number of people within the venue at a minimum for social distancing purposes.

Group competition has been scheduled in 5 studio blocks consisting of not more than 4 studios at a time (most blocks include on 2 studios). Compare your performance times to the general schedule to figure out which block you are assigned to. The audience during group competition will be restricted to only those from the studios in the block. We anticipate a somewhat “fluid” schedule during group competition to accommodate costume changes. Please work closely with the guys backstage to help alleviate schedule conflicts regardless of the order your group acts are listed in your schedule confirmation. Also, be advised, you will likely not have time to rehearse your groups between performances. Please arrive at the venue fully rehearsed and ready to roll. Following each group block we will host a short adjudicated-only awards ceremony. At the conclusion of all group competition Saturday evening, we have scheduled a studio combined TOP 10 awards. The audience for this awards ceremony will be limited to 25 total persons per studio to include any combination of dancers, parents, and studio teachers you choose. Whoever attends will need to be prepared to gather awards for the studio as we will not mail awards. Please also plan in advance, and communicate within your studio, for who will attend this awards ceremony. Baring technical issues, we will live stream this awards ceremony, along with all other activities during the weekend, so others can watch from home.

Everyone who enters the venue will be required to wear a mask throughout, except for dancers as they perform on stage (venue rules). Social distancing will also be encouraged throughout the venue. We are also requesting that each dancer is accompanied by no more than two adult guardians to help keep audience size down. Again, baring technical issues, the entire show will be live streamed so others can watch from home instead. Please be compliant and respectful of these rules. Keep in mind this event is all about putting kids on the stage where they desperately long to be, not about challenging rules or making political statements.

Dancers will be encouraged to get in, make her/his changes quickly, then get out. If dressing assistance is necessary, please limit to one adult helper per dancer. We also strongly encourage all dancers to arrive in her/his first costume ready to go, and then leave the venue in her/his last costume of the day.

We will not bring dancers to the stage as a group for awards at this show, except for selected TOP 10 lineups. Instead, we will be asking you to choose one dancer representative for each of your acts to pick up when called backstage. Specific directions for each awards ceremony will be announced from the stage.

Moving props into and out of the venue that are bigger than hand-carried items will require extra time and patience at this venue. The Grand Ballrooms are located on the 6th floor. A freight elevator from the loading docks will be required for larger items. There is also limited space for the storage of props so they will need to be brought into the venue shortly before use and removed immediately after. After checking in your studio at the beginning of the weekend please get with the guys backstage to develop a plan for how and when your props will come and go. Also, be advised that this venue cannot accommodate parking of trailers or oversized vehicles at the docks or elsewhere on the venue grounds (even for us). You will be responsible for locating alternate parking for trailers and/or oversized vehicles.

There is a room block for our event that has been established with the Hilton Austin Downtown. If interested, you can book online by clicking the link near the bottom of this page, or by calling (512) 482-8000.

If you’ve not already uploaded your music you must do so immediately. Uploading your performance music is required. Log in to your DanceComp Genie dashboard and look for the “Upload Music” button. Attach each music file where indicated and you’re good to go. Contact us with any questions or issues and we’ll be happy to assist.

Entry for these special awards should have been processed during your act entry period and will not be accepted at the door. If you still need to enter for TOP Entertainer or Photogenic you must email us at office@talentonparade.com prior to 5:00 pm (CST) Tuesday, March 30 with entry details. We will then contact you to make payment arrangements.

Photography and videotaping will only be allowed during awards presentations. This rule will be strictly enforced and has been established to protect the rights of the studio owners, teachers, choreographers and costume designers. We also want to prevent unauthorized photos from being used elsewhere in a questionable manner. Professional performance photos and videos will be available from Alive Video and Photo for those who may be interested.

Video critiques and digital scores will be available for you to view in the week following the show by logging in to your DanceComp Genie account dashboard.

Thursday, April 8

4:45 pm………….. Doors Open
5:30 pm………….. Ages 15-16 Solo Competition
9:10 pm………….. Ages 15-16 Solo AWARDS

Friday, April 9
7:15 am………….. Doors Open
8:00 am………….. Ages 11-12 Solo Competition
12:10 pm………… Ages 11-12 Duet/Trio Competition
1:15 pm………….. AWARDS for Above
2:00 pm………….. 10 & Younger Solo Competition
5:50 pm………….. 10 & Younger Solo AWARDS
6:30 pm………….. Group Block #1 Competition
9:10 pm………….. Group Block #1 Adjudicated AWARDS

Saturday, April 10
7:15 am………….. Doors Open
8:00 am………….. Group Block #2 Competition
9:50 am………….. Group Block #2 Adjudicated AWARDS
10:30 am………… Group Block #3 Competition
1:25 pm………….. Group Block #3 Adjudicated AWARDS
2:00 pm………….. Group Block #4 Competition
4:30 pm………….. Group Block #4 Adjudicated AWARDS
5:15 pm………….. Group Block #5 Competition
8:10 pm………….. Group Block #5 Adjudicated AWARDS
8:45 pm………….. TOP 10 AWARDS for All Groups*
* Attendance will be limited by studio for this awards (see below)

Sunday, April 11
7:15 am………….. Doors Open
8:00 am………….. 10 & Younger Duet/Trio Competition
9:30 am………….. 10 & Younger Duet/Trio AWARDS
10:15 am………… 13 & Older Duet/Trio Competition
11:50 am………… 13 & Older Duet/Trio AWARDS
12:40 pm………… Ages 13-14 Solo Competition
6:45 pm………….. Ages 13-14 Solo AWARDS
7:30 pm………….. 17 & Older Solo Competition
9:05 pm………….. 17 & Older Solo AWARDS

* Saturday evening TOP 10 group awards attendance will be limited to 25 total persons per studio to include any combination of dancers, parents, and studio teachers as decided within your studio.

Hilton Austin Downtown
500 E. 4th Street
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