2020 Tulsa Regional

Event Information



The schedule for the 2020 Tulsa regional competition is now complete. It is scheduled for Friday-Sunday, Feb. 14-16 at the Cox Business Center (Tulsa Convention Center) located at 100 Civic Center in downtown Tulsa. Construction in the venue has made it necessary to move competition to the BALLROOM this year at the far North end of the building. Note also that the East entrance to the venue is closed due to construction. The North and South entrances however will be open as usual. Performance times for all studios have been emailed to studio directors, and a general schedule appears below. If you’ve not received your schedule confirmation please check your email “spam” folder before you contact us.

The show is large enough again this year that a Friday morning start is necessary. We have attempted to impact as few people as possible by scheduling only solos during traditional school hours. Those unable, or unwilling, to attend due to school obligations may receive a full refund of entry fees for those school-time acts, provided you email the scratch(es) by 5 pm (CST) Friday, January 31 to office@talentonparade.com. Do not contact the office to inquire about a time change for your act(s). Scratching those acts unable to attend as scheduled is your only option. If it were in any way possible to schedule everyone outside school hours we would have done that originally.

Your ability to make any changes or corrections to your acts is now limited. If, however, you discover an issue that requires attention you can email us at office@talentonparade.com to check your options. PLEASE allow us to assist you with any change(s) from this point forward given that schedule adjustments are also frequently required as a result of your change(s). Be advised also that any changes approved after 5 pm (CST) on Friday, Jan. 31 will incur a $15 per change fee. Any changes made at the show (if accepted) will also be subject to the change fee. Be further advised that any changes to category at the show (if accepted) will remove the changed act from consideration for a category cup award.

Even though we have provided to-the-minute information in your schedule confirmation you should still only use it as a general guideline only. Each of your acts has also been assigned an initial act number, but THOSE NUMBERS WILL CHANGE as the schedule is inevitably adjusted in the coming days with corrections. All acts should also be ready, and willing, to perform up to one hour earlier or later than scheduled as it is very common for the show to run slightly early or, on occasion, late.

If you’ve not already uploaded your music you must do so immediately. Uploading your performance music is required. Log in to your DanceComp Genie dashboard and look for the “Upload Music” button. Attach each music file where indicated and you’re good to go. Contact us with any questions or issues and we’ll be happy to assist.

Entry for these special awards should have been processed during your act entry period, and will not be accepted at the door. If you still need to enter for TOP Entertainer or Photogenic you must email us at office@talentonparade.com prior to 5 pm (CST) on Friday, Jan. 31 with entry details. We will then contact you to make payment arrangements.

Photography and videotaping will only be allowed during awards presentations. This rule will be strictly enforced and has been established to protect the rights of all studio owners, directors, teachers, choreographers and costume designers. We also want to prevent unauthorized photos from being used elsewhere in a questionable manner. Professional performance photos and videos will be available from Alive Photo and Video for those who may be interested.

Hoverboards will be prohibited on the grounds of the venue. If you bring one with you it will need to stay in the car.

Talent On Parade has been thrilled to donate literally thousands of dollars to many deserving charities over the years with your generous support. We will continue in that tradition with the return of the TOP Charity Dance Down. Students who donate $5 or more to our sponsored charities at the show will receive a special ticket that will allow them to participate. These students will learn a quick combination on stage and then dance down to a winner. The winner will receive a special plaque and a pair of TOMS Shoes. All of the money collected will be split between Drea’s Dream, a dance therapy/expressive movement program for children with cancer and special needs (dreasdream.org), and Truth 365, a national child cancer campaign (thetruth365.org). Check the general schedule below for Charity Dance Down times.

You must check your studio in at the T.O.P. Shop merchandise table a minimum of one hour prior to your first scheduled act.

Video critiques and digital scores will be available for you to view in the week following the show by logging in to your DanceComp Genie account dashboard.

Friday, February 14

9:20 am………….. Doors Open
10:00 am………… 8 & Younger Solo Competition
12:35 pm………… 8 & Younger Solo AWARDS
1:10 pm………….. Ages 9-10 Solo Competition
5:15 pm………….. Ages 9-10 Solo AWARDS
6:00 pm………….. Ages 13-14 Solo Competition
9:00 pm………….. Ages 13-14 Solo AWARDS

Saturday, February 15
7:20 am………….. Doors Open
8:00 am………….. 12 & Younger Duet/Trio Competition
10:35 am………… 12 & Younger Duet/Trio AWARDS
11:15 am………… 12 & Younger Group Competition
3:50 pm………….. 12 & Younger TOP Charity Dance Down
4:15 pm………….. 12 & Younger Group AWARDS
5:10 pm………….. Ages 11-12 Solo Competition
9:00 pm………….. Ages 11-12 Solo AWARDS

Sunday, February 16
7:20 am………….. Doors Open
8:00 am………….. 15 & Older Solo Competition
1:00 pm………….. 15 & Older Solo AWARDS
1:50 pm………….. 13 & Older Group Competition
4:40 pm………….. 13 & Older TOP Charity Dance Down
5:05 pm………….. 13 & Older Group AWARDS
6:00 pm………….. 13 & Older Duet/Trio Competition
7:15 pm………….. 13 & Older Duet/Trio AWARDS

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