2020 Omaha Regional

Event Information




Until recently we had been holding out hope that the coronavirus emergency would take a dramatic turn for the best and we would be back to hosting shows again sooner than later. It now appears that won’t happen as “stay-at-home” and “shelter-in-place” orders have been extended at least through the end of April.

At this time, all paid fees for postponed shows will remain on your studio account as credit for use at a future TOP event, and that credit will not expire until you use it later this year, anytime next year, or beyond. Also, any paid acts that were entered for a postponed regional event can roll to a national event at the regional prices, and no regional qualifying is necessary for them this year. We are also currently working to put together expanded Dance Directive events this fall which will include both competition and convention activities. In addition, we are working to reschedule regional competition events where possible, but the uncertainty of when restrictions will be lifted, and closed offices around the country are making this very difficult. More information about all of this will be posted as soon as possible.

Parents: We understand that there are lots of questions to be asked, and concerns to be shared, but please direct all your communication through your studio director. Do not call or email the office. We will only be communicating with studio directors at this time.

Studio Directors: This is an unprecedented time in the history of our country (and the world). Once we’ve been cleared to re-open our offices and host shows again, we will reach out to make arrangements going forward. We very much appreciate your patience, understanding, and continued support.

Stay safe. Stay well. Keep dancing.