2018 PROgressions Liability Release


  • As the parent, legal guardian or authorized legal agent for the above named dancer I release and hereby indemnify Talent On Parade, LLC and their agents from any and all contracts, claims, suits, actions, liabilities, or injuries arising as a result of participation in any PROgressions related activities. I further release Talent On Parade, LLC and their agents from responsibility for any and all loss or damages, court costs and legal fees.

    I also understand my child’s participation can be terminated immediately at the sole discretion of any member of the PROgressions Staff for violations related to, but not limited to, the following: alcohol, drugs, smoking or promiscuous activities. Upon such termination I agree to retrieve my child immediately, at my own expense, and without refund.

  • Contact the TOP office at (316) 522-4836 during normal business hours with any questions or for assistance in completing/submitting this form.